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Enclosed Housing SE Series Slewing Drive
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Enclosed Housing SE Series Slewing Drive


To accommodate the rotation of the relative rotating structure, you can design the installation location parallel to the ground or with a few degrees of slope. The fence type horizontal rotary reducer is assembled by a fenced base, slewing ring, toroidal worm and matching components. It can be driven by a motor or hydraulic motor as a power input source to drive the reducer for clockwise and counterclockwise rotation. . Due to the use of the slewing bearing as the main design component, the device has a strong overturning moment and axial force, and the same factor of the reducer, the device has a small size, easy installation and maintenance.

SE series rotary reducer features

◆Fence-type structure design, can resist the harsh natural environment such as sand and rain, suitable for field use.

◆ In order to maximize the convenience for the use of customers, the universal installation structure is adopted to enhance the interchangeability of products.


SE series products are widely used in the relative rotating parts of machinery and solar energy.

●Photovoltaic tracking power generation level and pitch angle transmission

● Rotating at the chassis of the aerial work vehicle

●Drive the truck with the boom to rotate



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